Hallam MD Rob Pickersgill has been reflecting on the development of Hallam’s product design and prototyping activities over the past 10 years. “In retrospect it’s clear that we have made significant progress technically and really can now offer our customers a handheld journey from concept to product launch and volume manufacture. We can even help with grant applications for support for the development of the product, although these days grants are more difficult to find. The design support we offer is not confined to high pressure castings, as we make so many assemblies now. We’ve gained a lot of experience at designing and sourcing other components for our OEM customers, from extrusions in a wide range of materials, to injection moulded plastics, LEDs and circuit boards and other electronic components.”

Hallam has also invested in modern equipment to support the design support process. “We have sophisticated CAD (design), simulation and CAM (transfer to CNC code) software these days plus 3D printing systems and forming machines for the mock ups and we work with a network of specialist ancillary companies for the bits we can’t do in-house. I also confess that I find discussing sales prospects for new products with our customers’ marketing people particularly fascinating. Design discussions with them focus on attaining excellence for the product of course and also process cost minimisation as markets are invariably price sensitive.”

Rob can be contacted directly on 07983315292.