In the summer of 2020 Hallam began to work with Vimpex Limited, a highly regarded major specialist UK supplier of fire detection, alarm and evacuation solutions. After careful analysis of functional requirements, including consistency of resonance and tone, Hallam was asked to manufacture new tooling for Vimpex’s fire alarm housings. The tooling has been carefully designed to create an even flow pattern of aluminium to the tool and eliminate porosity within the cast housings. Hallam now casts, machines and powder coats the housings using a specially configured aluminium alloy and architectural powders for resilience in all environments.

The bell remains the most commonly used alarm for fire evacuation systems. Recognising this, Vimpex has continued to innovate with their all-aluminium range of fire alarm bells. Five bells make up the range of 150 mm (6˝) and 200 mm (8˝) internal and external units. Being of aluminium construction, Vimpex bells have a very high volume output matched with extremely low power consumption – just 11 mA for the 150 mm internal. The specially designed weatherproof bells have an aluminium back box giving either single or double threaded entry for maximum flexibility in installation. This is supplied as a full fixing kit with gasket and screws. As with the Vimpex sounder range, all bells can be supplied branded with a company logo.

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