This complex project involved the design of an articulating and positionable assembly of pressure cast aluminium parts, aluminium extrusion, laser cut steel, plastic injection mouldings and a laser cut steel computer monitor mounting plate. Assembly options allow the product to be configured to support up to three computer monitors from desktop or wall mounted anchorage points.


The functionality requirements for this product were wide ranging and presented a considerable technical design challenge.
Market driven, the product had to offer flexible and diverse mounting options within differing office architectures, including safe height and angle positioning under user control in situ, and accommodation of a wide range of monitor designs, although some standardisation of mounting point design features has emerged within the industry.

In designing and simulating the assembly CAD models, the design for manufacture (DFM) element of the project was particularly challenging. In particular, there were uncertainties around tolerancing, across a range of diverse materials; dimensional allowances for interference and push fit elements of the assembly; and material resilience to the longer term effects of positioning adjustment.


Research at the DFM (Design For Manufacture) stage for the basic product and variants was particular intensive for this project. Research and simulation elements included analysis of polymer specifications and attributes and selection of best suited, research into the load bearing capacities of alternative materials and analysis of CAD assembly models in this respect.

Repeated prototyping was necessary to ensure functionality would be as envisaged.


The product was launched successfully in 2016 and is now offered in variants allowing optimum flexibility for alternative office layouts and alternative desking and cabling solutions.