This product was a new concept in LED-based “urban space” outdoor lighting provision for the public sector.


For this new concept, the position of the main body of the lighting assembly needed to be variable via a range of mounting brackets and mounting assemblies. The marketing aim was for lighting system to be useable either as a traditional mid-level street light or at a lower level, angled to provide lighting to street frontages or other public urban areas where security or safety had become a concern.

There was also a technical challenge in that a new leading edge LED board had been incorporated in the lighting design and heat sink calculations for heat dispersal were required (i.e. the minimum surface area of the main body heat sink fins needed to be calculated).


A novel ratcheting system was developed by Hallam to allow the main body housing to have variable positioning for a range of post top and the side fixing mounting brackets. Small teeth built into the main body and mounting brackets allowing a substantial range of positional adjustment in situ.

The combination of different types of mounting bracket and the ratcheting system gave the variability in positioning required by Hallam’s customer and also the ultimate users of the lighting for public sector applications.


The product has proved to be extremely successful and the system since April 2015 has been selling well to local authorities and other public sector authorities. The IP rights for the heat sink calculator vest with Hallam and the calculator continues to be used successfully by the company on lighting projects.