In November Vimpex Managing Director, James Jones, and Marketing Director, Charlotte Eames visited Hallam to see the production of alarm system products commissioned during the summer. Vimpex is a highly regarded major specialist UK supplier of technical rescue products and PPE safety equipment designed for emergency services teams.

Vimpex MD James said “We are in great hands with these guys. Each element – gong performance, consistency of output and aesthetics are monitored and controlled by Hallam’s attention to detail and their very long experience of aluminium casting. The ClamBell is a genuinely U.K. manufactured product and will be ready for sale to our European and Worldwide customers. The Bell is dead, gong live the (Clam)Bell!”.

It was an interesting day for both Vimpex and Hallam, as Hallam Operations Director, Colin Woodruff, explained the entire process of manufacturing the aluminium bell gong to James and Charlotte.

Hallam MD Rob Pickersgill said “It was great to welcome the team from Vimpex – our staff thoroughly enjoyed the day. Hallam is proud to be part of Vimpex’s manufacturing supply chain and we are currently working on developing the powder coating finish to achieve something really outstanding”.

Thank you for a great day to James and Charlotte and Hallam looks forward to seeing you again soon.