Service Overview

Hallam Castings offers a complete component sourcing and assembly service, and can now offer a genuine ‘one stop’ solution for customers looking to develop products designed through prototyping and testing.

In 2002 Hallam Castings was first asked to assemble a combination of machined and powder coated aluminium castings manufactured in-house, with steel and plastic components, some of which were sourced overseas, in order to create a finished product – the “Cygnus” monitor arm – ready to be supplied to the consumer.

Component sourcing and assembly

Following the success of the original product, Hallam Castings was asked to build a range of Cygnus monitor arm variants, and existing and new customers also began to ask Hallam Castings to construct or source the construction of a range of component assemblies and sub-assemblies on their behalf.

Hallam Castings can offer advice on the most technically challenging manufacturing projects via its partnership agreements with the National Metals Technology Centre and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with whom Hallam Castings is developing several exciting and innovative product ideas on behalf of its customers.

Hallam's component sourcing and assembly product list includes:

  • Computer monitor arms, for a major global US-based company.
  • Complete lighting products and sub-assemblies, for a range of UK and European OEMs.
  • Animal ear taggers including the “Toucan” , shown below, for global markets, via the UK subsidiary of a major European OEM.
  • Office furniture sub-assemblies for several major UK -based OEMs.