Operations Manager, Colin Woodruff, and IT and Automation Engineer, Kyle Walker, visited this year’s MACH Exhibition at the NEC to look at the latest advances in manufacturing process technologies.

Of particular interest were Computerised Tomography (CT) scanners allowing non-destructive analysis of the structure of manufactured components without the overhead of traditional X-ray testing procedures. Colin and Kyle also evaluated Image Dimension Measuring (IDM) systems offering a speedier alternative to probe-based Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) for critical dimension checks and Statistical Process Control (SPC) together with the latest developments in robotisation technologies.

Colin comments “The availability of CT scanners for manufacturing is an important development in meeting requirements for automotive, aerospace and medical sector customers. Suppliers are also willing to provide CT equipment on a servitisation basis, alleviating any capital financing pressures. IDM systems represent the next level for SPC and may replace CMM systems entirely in due course.”

CT scanners provide high resolution layered x-ray images and are in everyday use in the Healthcare sector.

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