In 2015 Hallam began to work with Sheffield-based LED lighting specialist Constellation Lighting in developing a state-of-the-art modular LED lighting system for industrial and commercial markets. The project began with the commissioning of concept models from designers at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) University of Sheffield.




Throughout 2016 Hallam developed a series of prototypes based on the AMRC concepts incorporating variations in power transfer systems, LED board and lens design (both commissioned externally) as well as mechanical design variations around the module housing and heatsink.

The product was launched initially in 2017 and incorporates the following key features:-

  • 7700 lumens at 61w from an individual module
  • Specially commissioned LED board design and manufacture
  • Up to 9 modules can be connected, providing stadium-level lighting
  • LINKS is an AC system; separate drivers are not needed.
  • Each module weighs only 1.9kg
  • Heatsink design ensures very low thermal resistance
  • Has ATEX, IEC/EN for European markets and UL approvals for America.
    This has been an exciting project for both companies leading to the development of a new LED board with an exceptional (market leading) light output to power consumption ratio, housed in bespoke individual modules connected by an innovative patented power transfer system. Full details of the product range can be seen at:-