This interesting project involved designing and prototyping a compression driver housing (a “tweeter” –higher frequency sound range-in this case) to minimise sound distortion in a leading edge high end PA system product. The product required was not simply a mechanical chassis for mounting loudspeaker components, but a major integral element of the tweeter designed to channel and optimise sound reproduction.


Major challenges were the development of an appropriate non-ferrous alloy (because of the speaker magnets) with the required ground breaking acoustic characteristics. However mechanical CAD systems cannot normally be used for resonance simulation. Design and positioning had to be within exact tolerances to maintain the sealed integrity of the speaker housing.


The absence of simulation software meant that a number of physical prototypes of the component had to be made using different metal alloys, and frequency response and resonance measured with specialist equipment.

Each prototype was incorporated into a complete speaker housing to ensure functionality


The complete product was marketed successfully globally in 2016.